“By words the mind is winged.”


About Us

Incite Theatre is dedicated to creating scathing political satires of the contemporary moment in the tradition of the Aristophanes.

Our mission is to collaboratively create political plays that engage with issues in the contemporary moment. We are a collective theatre company with a commitment to radical democracy. We are committed to freedom of speech and the importance of the arts for everyone.

We are part of the epic theatre legacy. As an activists’ theatre, we engage with intersectional issues, such as institutional racism, psychiatric colonization, the future of the university, and the war in the Ukraine. We are influenced by the Black Radical Tradition.

We fight fascism by creating satires that we hope will move our audiences to take political action.

Our current project Over By Christmas was written by Karl Rogers, directed by Kara Reilly, and dramaturged by Meron Langsner.

We believe that laughter through tears can be the trigger for activism. That melancholy can turn to spleen, that depression can become anger and that rage can transform into activism.

Our current production Over By Christmas is set in the COBRA bunker, Prime Minister BD, is looking for a party, but instead must deal with an international emergency.

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Our first production cloud 2020 incite can be listened to here:

The piece was an adaptation of Aristophanes’ The Clouds set in a post-apocalyptic world during the Parrot Virus. A scathing critique of the role of universities set in a post-apocalyptic world, cloud 2020 incite was written in March 2020 and recorded in July 2020. It was collaboratively adapted by Kara Reilly, Karl Rogers, Olga Kekis, and Maria Gerolemou, with a team of 9 student dramaturgs. We also received dramaturgical advice from Meron Langsner and Peter Wild.

About this event

This absurdist farce is a scathing critique of big government. Co-produced between Incite Theatre Company, Maketank, EUCU, and the University of Exeter’s Drama Department.

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Founded in 2020 by Kara Reilly, Maria Gerolemou, Olga Kekis, and Karl Rogers, incite theatre is dedicated to re-imagining classical theatrical productions as political theatre with contemporary relevance for new audiences.