Welcome to incite theatre

We are incite theatre company. We are a theatre collective dedicated to radical adaptations of classic texts. These adaptations are called hypertheatre. Interrogation of how representation creates reality is at the heart of our work. In particular, we’re interested in the social constructions of race, class, gender. We’re also exploring technomimesis.

We’re asking:

When did the body become separate from the mind?

When did the body become an object?

Does representation create reality? If so, is it possible that reality can be re-made through representation? We like to think so.

Published by Kara Reilly

Kara Reilly is the Artistic Director of insight theatre company. Her life mantra is: "kindness is a radical act." Herbert Blau was her mentor. Sharing is revolutionary. She is for mutual admiration societies & mutual aid societies where people collaborate instead of competing. She is a theatre maker and an activist dedicated to resistance and influenced by the black radical tradition. These days she listens to Janelle Monae's Turntables on repeat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CFrCk6_0rM&ab_channel=JanelleMon%C3%A1e And the Tupac classic. The Rose that Grew from Concrete. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQ8TXGzgXIo&ab_channel=RealHipHopLyrics

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