You can listen to Cloud 2020 incite here:

Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three

Episode Four



SURVIVOR 1: Katie Rae

SURVIVOR 2: George Dix


STAGE MANAGER, Sebastian Emmerson

STAGE HAND, Holly Fitzpatrick

JUDITH BLACKTHORN, Emily Carding, a 50-something woman from Cymer, Wales, and her daughter Phillipa, have moved to Shoreditch, so that Phillipa can be a fashion designer. Think Edina from AB FAB. She is descended from publicans and has a great fashion sense. She believes in the Old Gods and walks with Spirit, understudy Roisin McCay-Hines

PHILLIPA BLACKTHORN, Alicia Radage, Judith’s daughter (think AB FAB, as if Patsy were the daughter), we meet her in her the midst of Hogarth’s The Rake’s Progress, but she turns the game around.

DEAN CARL PHONE: Martin Harvey, Dean of the Cloud 2020 campus

SOFIA GILDON: Olga Kekis, the philosopher and Professor Emerita of the Cloud 2020 campus

STUDENT 0001: Lizzie Connick

STUDENT 0002: Mima Beauchamp

STUDENT 0003: Liv Jones

STUDENT 0004: Roxanne Davies

STUDENT 0005: George Dix

CLOUD 1000: George Dix

CLOUD 2000: Bella Finlayson

CLOUD 3000: Katie Rae

Thesis, A Dialectic, (wears white vinyl and giant wings), Karl Rogers (role developed by Ethan Green)

ANTI-THESIS, a Mae West style Devil (steampunk) also known as Amazon or Glamazon, Alissa Clarke

SOCRATES, a smart speaker (like Echo Dot or Alexa), an electronic voice, Kara Reilly

All the Blackthorns are dressed in the latest steampunk/ Vivienne Westwood fashion. The Cloud 2020 campus has a strict dress code. All students wear white vinyl jumpsuits with a Cloud logo. (They look like Judson Dance Theatre dancers, quotidian, precise in their movements). The contrast between the two groups should always be an almost Manichean dichotomy. When we meet immoral argument we see this Mae West style devil stands in for the Blackthorns.

There is a town/gown divide. The Blackthorns represent town. The cloud 2020 campus is the gown.

cloud 2020 incite

Adapted by incite theatre company

Director/ Producer/Writer: Dr Kara Reilly

Writer and Philosophical Consultant: Dr Karl Rogers

Dramaturg: Dr Olga Kekis

Classical Dramaturg: Dr Maria Gerlomeu

Associate Director: Roisin McCay-Hines

Sound Designer: Josh Williams

Composer: Davidione C. Pearl and Daddy Longlegs Homegrown Revival

Script Development: Dr Gabriel Varghese

Associate Dramaturg: Pauline Eller

Assistant Dramaturg: Becca Warner

Assistant Dramaturg/ Production Assistant: Katie Templeton-Knight

Classical Assistant Dramaturg: Grace Gallagher-Hall

Classical Assistant Dramaturg: Amber Ash

Classical Assistant Dramaturg: Josh Werrett

Marketing Director: Matt Smith

Sound Assistant: Daisy Wakefield


Radio Drama:

Peter Wild, Radio Drama Consultant

Dr. Meron Langsner, Radio Drama Consultant

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Kara Reilly is an author, editor, theatre historian, director, and dramaturg.

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